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"BATUT Architects" was established in 2011 by architect Ilan Batot, and later joined by architect Rinat Batot Ben Arush and Shir Amsalem Batot as the office manager and project manager. We are engaged in planning a variety of projects: residential construction, private construction, public buildings, employment, commerce and logistics, as well as interior design. Our planning and design work begins with programmatic analysis, analysis of site data and definition of customer needs, whether economic or other. After defining the problems and desires, we start planning. 

We strive to find the most appropriate solutions for the merits of the project and the customer who receives the customized service for him. We work in the most advanced technologies in the construction market today, and serve as consultants to companies in the field of construction BIM - Building information modeling. Working with BIM technology enables us to analyze and control in an optimal and professional manner in every aspect of the project, even in the early stages of planning, leading to considerable financial savings With BIM technology, we achieve results in a shorter time than the competitors, and minimize failures and problems during the implementation phase.

We support and believe in courteous service, personal escort and high availability to our customers, as well as providing solutions in real time.




Graduate of the Department of Architecture at Ariel University. Over the years, I have accumulated employment experience as an employee in large, leading offices, in the planning and accompaniment of various projects, from public buildings for employment and commerce, as well as hotels, interior and residential design. All of these contributed greatly to my specialization, from the initial stages of planning, rights analysis, economic feasibility, to tender and execution stages. In addition to all these creativity, planning line and more are undoubtedly thanks to many years of experience in the field, but mainly thanks to my great love for the profession.


Graduate of the Department of Architecture at Bezalel. Already during my studies I integrated into a large and leading office. I have gained extensive experience in planning public buildings and offices. When I was hired I was given the opportunity to take part in planning significant and complex projects, which contributed greatly to my work in our office as an independent. As Ilan's younger sister, I had no choice but to integrate very quickly into the field of architecture, since my love for the profession began in the Middle Ages when I was exposed and enlisted to my brother's help during his studies. The common language we have built yields spectacular results of impressive professional architecture. In my opinion, action accompanied by passion and love for the profession is undoubtedly the source of good architecture.


Graduate of the Department of Management at the Open University. She has a rich managerial background in real estate and entrepreneurship. Over time, I gained much experience as a project manager. My main responsibility was management and operation of projects, from the initial stages of planning to the stage of offering the property for sale or for rent. Over the years I have learned to know that professionalism, faith and will are a winning combination for success. When I married Ilan, I realized that architecture was certainly a great way to express itself. Architecture is art, it is varied, interesting and fascinating. I believe that a combination of courtesy, professionalism and good architecture is the path to maximum success.

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